Home Renovation Articles

Below are some home renovation questions that are frequently asked by clients of Honey Do Contractors. If you are considering a full kitchen remodel or simply interested in getting some IKEA furniture delivered to freshen up your home, feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions. We serve the Quinte West region, Belleville, Prince Edward County and surrounding communities.

Why choose IKEA?

So why do people choose IKEA Furniture? There are many answers to this question. In this article, we highlight some of the key reasons, including style, functionality, value for your money, and environmental responsibility.


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How to choose what tile to use for your renovation

So your looking for some tiles, and don’t know where to start. In today’s market there is a wide variety of tile products to choose from, each have different characteristics and applications. In this article we will discuss the more common types to help you in your selection.


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Are IKEA kitchen cabinets any good?

When thinking of replacing kitchen cabinets, IKEA isn’t always the first place that comes to mind. In my opinion, one which is shared by many people, IKEA kitchen cabinets offer the best quality per dollar on the market. Below are a few reasons why I recommend taking a look at IKEA kitchens.


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Should I renovate my kitchen for resale?

The question about whether to renovate a kitchen or not before putting a house on the market has been asked many times. You have also probably heard the statement, ” The kitchen is what sells a house”. This has been proven over and over again in studies over the years.


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